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Convert Image to DXF - Image format to DXF files

If you want to convert image to DXF, what can you do to deal with it? Have you ever looked for a software to help to do this? If the answer is "Yes", you are lucky, you got the tool you want here - Image to DXF converter. This convert Image to DXF tool can convert your image files to DXF with high quality and is very ease to use. The supported output AutoCAD DXF versions can be from 2009~R14.

This convert image to DXF tool is designed and announced for the purpose of: converting scanned images or maps into vectorization drawings and make conversions without the need of AutoCAD. You can also use this utility to create editable lines by the original image. It supports color or black-and-white image with gray stages. The solid raster vectorization is also supported. The output line type includes Centerline and outline and the image background color can be set as Black or white. Stratified by color in converted drawing and ignoring differences in color functions are also available.

Input image file: Scanned drawings or any raster images in formats of BMP, JPG (JPEG), GIF, TIF (TIFF), PNG, etc.
Output file: DWG or DXF in editable vector, which can be saved as AutoCAD R14 or 2000~2008.

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Convert image to DXF limitations(Trial Version)

About trial version:
The download of the software is free of charge. The free trial version can only let you view the result of conversion but cannot save the drawing. If you find this piece of software useful and would like to remove the limitations of the trial versions, you may buy the license and use the full version

How to buy the registration code:
Please click the Buy Now link in the left bottom of the main interface of the converter, fill out the purchase form, and then you will receive an Email embedded the registration codes as soon as your charge is authorized, this will take few minutes to 1 hour.

To prevent any type-in error, I highly recommend you trying to copy and paste the registration code, just move the mouse to the registration codes in the reply email, drag from left to right and make the codes high lighted, then press keys Ctrl + C to copy it, then go back to the register dialog box, and press keys Ctrl + V to insert the codes.

Features and Functions of Image to DXF Converter

  1. Input Image File
    • Scanned drawings or any raster images including color, gray and black-and-white images.
      Formats: BMP, TIF (TIFF), JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG, etc.
  2. DWG Line Type
    • Centerline or outline tracing
    • Solid raster outline vectorization
  3. Image Background Color
    • Choose the background of the original image
  4. DWG/DXF Version
    • Browse and choose the version wanted to be saved
      Versions: AutoCAD R14, 2000~2008
  5. Output Type
    • Create DWG or DXF file
  6. Ignore Differences in Color
  7. Output File
    • Choose the folder to save the result

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